The Achievable Body by Mike Whitfield – Review

The Achievable Body by Mike Whitfield – Review

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Editor’s rating:  (4.2 of 5)

 The Achievable BodyI recently heard about The Achievable Body, a “blueprint” for losing weight that was released in December 2015. It has gained quite a following already, so I decided to take a closer look. On the surface, it’s another product that claims to show you how to lose weight, without counting calories, taking supplements, eating expensive specialty foods, doing endless endurance exercise sessions, or even lifting heavy weights.

The author, Mike Whitfield, has certainly lost an impressive amount of weight himself, more specifically 112 pounds, and remained in great shape. His mom, Lori Whitfield, also used his strategies to lose 66 pounds, which is likewise impressive.

Mike claims to have made certain revolutionary weight loss discoveries, that allowed him, and anyone who tried them, to lose unprecedented amounts of weight, even while splurging every weekend. This sounds great, but does his product live up to the hype?

The science behind The Achievable Body

In the presentation, Mike talks a lot about a Cornell University study which found that it’s beneficial to “splurge” on the weekends. That sounds great; 3 days every week you can gorge on anything! But not so fast. What the study said is that there’s some room for a bit of indulgence during the weekends, while you cut calories Monday through Thursday. If you only cut calories slightly those days, and binge on the weekend, you’ll end up gaining weight, make no mistake about it. But if you do it sensibly, by cutting calories aggressively for 4 days, followed by a slight surplus during the weekends, you can surely lose weight this way. You could also just keep losing weight throughout the weekend and achieve your goal faster, but that’s a personal preference.

Mike makes a few dubious claims.

For example, he says that visceral fat can be stored on the thighs, hip and butt. This is completely false. Visceral fat is stored around your organs, in the abdominal cavity.

He also talks about “metabolism damage” due to too much dieting, and muscles not getting enough vitamins and minerals. Another claim is that eating diet food, such as vegetables, makes you store “stress fat” around your waist. Sorry, but I don’t buy into these statements. Metabolic damage can happen, but usually only after you lose a lot of weight and your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, thyroid hormones etc. drop. Been there, done that.

But anyway, on to the product itself.

Does The Achievable Body deliver on its promises?

There’s no doubt that the strategies in The Achievable Body can make you lose a lot of weight, if you put some effort into making it work. Overall, I feel that it’s more geared towards beginners that don’t really know where to start. It does set you on the right path towards healthier eating, strategic use of exercise, and a look – maybe for the first time in your life – into the habits, lifestyle and behaviors that separates lean people from overweight.

I also found quite a few useful tricks among the 20 little-known, metabolism-boost secrets that Mike lays out. These are practically useful. Many of them have nothing at all to do with diet and exercise.

So I’d say there’s definitely some value in The Achievable Body, and I think it works best if you’re starting out and want to follow in the footsteps of other successful “weight losers”. However, if you’re more knowledgeable already, or want to lose the last 10-20 pounds, then I’d say there are better books out there.


Apart from a few dubious claims in the presentation, there’s nothing wrong with The Achievable Body. It’s a pretty good weight loss program, if you have a lot of weight to lose, and even I learned a few new tricks from it so, if you’re interested in it, then by all means, definitely pick up a copy. It’s instantly downloadable so you can get started immediately, which is good because it’s important to take action while your motivation is high!

The rating I’ve given may seem a bit low for a product that’s actually good, but the competition is fierce when it comes to weight loss programs.

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