Flat Belly Fast DVD by Danette May – Review

Flat Belly Fast DVD by Danette May – Review

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Flat Belly Fast DVD by Danette MayAuthor, nutritionist and fitness expert Danette May is currently offering a free DVD on her website as long as supplies last, in order to get more exposure to her website.

In her DVD, entitled “Flat Belly Fast“, Danette walks you through the essential elements for getting a flat, sexy stomach, regardless of your age, fitness level, or previous experience with diet and exercise programs.

To accomplish this, you’ll get 3 follow-along workouts that target your abdominals and core, while toning and tightening other problem areas too. These are structured in three different levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – so that anyone can do them, no matter your current level of fitness. The workouts are only 10 minutes long and can be done from home, so you don’t need an expensive gym membership or take extra time out of your day to get a workout in.

Because diet is crucial to slimming down, you also get a 10-day meal plan that shows you exactly what a healthy diet looks like, that you can choose to follow precisely or use as a starting point. Ten days isn’t very long to stick to a diet, and it can have a significant positive impact on your body. On this plan, you’ll be eating quite often, up to six times per day, so it’s a great plan if you enjoy snacks and frequent meals.

Amazingly, Danette has managed to include many foods in her diet plan that most people think are “off limits” when losing weight. Foods such as pizza, pasta, stir fry, and even cookies and cake are acceptable. This is possible because she shows you how to make healthier versions, that are more satiating and less calorie-dense.

She even shows you how she prepares meals in her kitchen, in her “fast meals prep video”, which is also included. Most of the recipes she recommends only take 10 minutes or less to complete, so you can eat healthy without spending excessive time in the kitchen.

Perhaps most importantly, Danette shows that it really is possible to maintain a lean and healthy body at any age, as evidenced by her being the mother of 3 children, living a busy lifestyle, and yet remaining in shape all year round.

All in all, Danette’s “Flat Belly Fast” DVD is a beginner-friendly way of losing belly fat that gives you everything you need to get started, including strategic exercise, day-by-day meal plan, recipes, and other tips.

If it’s still available, you can get this DVD for free (pay only shipping), at the link below:

Get Danette May’s “Flat Belly” DVD for FREE